Dianne Budion Devitt

SpecialityInnovation and Creative Strategist, Author, Speaker, Educator
Innovation and Creative Strategist, Author, Speaker, EducatorDianne is an inspirational speaker, facilitator, experiential strategist, author, educator and producer with a track record as a dynamic industry leader in live communication. The author of What Color is Your Event? a global resource book on how to think and plan creatively, Dianne’s visionary ability has influenced her clients through innovative solutions. Her workshop and Certificate program actively train in strategy and creative thinking. Dianne was trained in theater, focusing on Developmental Drama and Creative Dramatics, the forerunners to team building and corporate communications methodology. She conceived and produced, SenseUP! Summit focusing on the relevance of the senses in communication. Dianne is the past president of trade associations and the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. She has served on International boards and is an Adjunct Professor at New York University where she was recognized with the Award for Teaching Excellence.